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**updated on June 30, 2011

hi everyone. well, here is a food blog i started two summers ago, didn’t tell anyone about, and never got around to keeping up with.

i think i’m going to give it another go.

so hi, and thanks for reading!

(below is my first entry from two years ago. oh how time flies.)

i’m jasmine.
let’s keep this informal. no caps! but proper punctuation (to the best of my ability at least).
i’m 25 years old— soon to be 26 on february 10th.
i’ve always been bad at intros, so i guess i’ll leave it up to you to get to know me better through this so-called food blog.
as i’m rounding the bend into quarter life crisis mode, i have concluded that one of the only things i am sure about right now is that i want and need to do something for myself. this can be interpreted in many ways, from doing my own freelance work instead of clocking in at a 9 to 5, or starting a small business from scratch, or, well, this here food blog.
so this is one thing i am doing, on my own, and sharing with all of you.