About me (and Peanut)

Hi, I’m Jasmine. I’m 25 and I live in Los Angeles.
I don’t have a fancy kitchen, fancy camera, or much of anything very fancy. But I am eager to share my interests, fascinations, and curiosities surrounding food (and other things too sometimes) and the food world with you.
We all eat, don’t we?
Hope you enjoy and that we get to know each other better.
Oh, and Peanut is my dog. He’s a little min-pin stray my dad brought home about a year ago. He’s cute.


One response to “About me (and Peanut)

  1. my name is brian and i’m here to say
    your site is really great in a major way
    peanut butter tastes good in my hand
    but with some jelly it’s the best in the land

    i hope you get famous. peace.

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