CSA’s in LA, SF, and OC

For those of you who haven’t heard of a CSA, it stands for “Community Supported Agriculture”. Usually what these programs provide are weekly or bi-weekly boxes of local, seasonal, organic produce, sometimes delivered to your home or sometimes prepared to be picked up at a central location.
My first experience with a CSA was in Orange County. I can’t remember how but I found South Coast Farms‘ CSA. Every other week I’d pick up my enormous basket of fresh local produce; it was like opening a present each time. Sometimes there’d be little pea blossoms they threw as extra. Sometimes there’d be vegetables I’d never even recognized, let alone knew how to prepare. But it was an awesome organization and the best CSA I’ve joined to date. I highly, highly recommend it to anyone who is interested and in the OC area.
(Here’s Peanut and our South Coast farms bounty)
A few months ago I moved back to Los Angeles and had trouble finding a CSA in the area. I read bulletins and webposts and chowhound.com recommendations, but I had trouble finding one that worked for me.
I’m currently part of Paradise Organics produce program. It’s not really a CSA persay because I know most of the produce is not from local farms. It is, however, organic and very high quality, and the prices aren’t bad considering how impossible it would be for me to shop for produce at the local Whole Foods. Plus, they deliver to your doorstep. So for now, it’ll do. But I’d really like to find one as great as South Coast or Capay Farms here in LA. Hopefully soon I will. Do you know of any or have any great experiences with your CSA?


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