“Diary of a Foodie”

Most of my Saturday afternoon was spent writing papers and doing final projects for school, but during my break I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and while the dough was chilling in the fridge I flipped channels and found this show.
“Diary of a Foodie” is a great program from Gourmet magazine (which most recently went under because of financial problems). I’ve always enjoyed Gourmet magazine for it’s beautiful editorials and impeccable style. This show was a direct reflection of all of that and more, offering viewers a cultural and culinary insight into different regional cuisines.
I browsed through the episode guide and all of the episode titles got me excited. Some of them include “Anatomy of a Meal with José Andrés”, “Hidden Hong Kong”, and “North Carolina: BBQ and Beyond”. A really diverse mix of countries and cultures that will be exciting to experience through this series. Hopefully Gourmet will continue to exist as a website, and if you’ve never gotten a chance to experience Gourmet magazine, definitely visit the website and take a look at the images and recipes. Lovely.

All “Diary of a Foodie” video podcasts and episodes can be found on Gourmet.com here.


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